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Posted by Scott Palacheck on 09/14/19

New Air Ships Added

Good day pilots! We hope today is going AWESOME for you?

We found that there were some air ships missing from our fleet! 

The new air ships are:

Boeing 757-200's


MD 80/90's

A big thanks to Pilot Alex D. (G4017) for finding this, and bringing it to our attention.

We have added the absent ships and now have them in our hanger for you to use.

Remember, we are a low-cal group. Unless wanting to, you don't have to fly from airport to airport consecutively.

You have full reign to fly anywhere we are stationed and not have to worry about "jumpseats" or ferring ships.

As long as you're having fun, that's all we want.


Scott Palacheck



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Flight Pilot Departure Arrival Aircraft Duration V/S Info
G44461Jason OntogKMEMKSFBA320-21401.45-325 ft/mAccepted
G41544Scott PalacheckKPIEKTOLA320-21402.58-219 ft/mAccepted
G41818Jason FearingKABQKLASA319-11101.313 ft/mAccepted
G41841Vincent DupreeKLASKIWAA320-21400.55-416 ft/mAccepted
G41818Dylan HerreraKABQKLASA319-11101.21-194 ft/mAccepted
G4359Dylan HerreraKAUSKABQA319-11101.46-128 ft/mAccepted
G44421Dylan HerreraKABQKAUSA319-11101.41-216 ft/mAccepted
G43269Dylan HerreraKLASKABQA319-11101.14-188 ft/mAccepted
G44804Jason OntogKFLLKMEMA320-21402.20153 ft/mAccepted
G42864Dylan HerreraKLAXKLASA319-11101.07-208 ft/mAccepted

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Total Airline Hours: 144
Flights: 80
Flights Today: 0
Miles Flown: 47,762
Aircraft: 88
Passengers: 1,541
Routes: 2581

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G4027 Josh Chaney
G4026 Dylan Keetle
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